chair vibes

Making the home (or apartment in my single years) has always been my muse; but designing it with antiques - that's what really makes my home. There's something about the real deal (not a target replica) and knowing each piece has a story....says the owner of a 1750 Victorian farmhouse.

Rental chairs have always been a part of the master plan; it's a given most party-throwers need chairs. There are so many dreamy table:chair combinations that I'd like to bring on all at once but alas, all good things come to those who wait.

When Kevin isn't working weekends (ha!) we're usually hitting our favorite antique nooks - Delphi Antiques (Schwenksville), Antiques at Silver Bell Barn (Downingtown), Smithfield Barn (Eagle), and our numero uno love: Resellers Consignment (Malvern). Even days after Oliver's arrival earthside, we were fulfilling our semi-addiction.

So this is not only the style that reflects holmespun, but it's what made complete sense - to first bring on that whimsical mismatched chair vibe. To make your planning easier, we have added 120 (clean & coated) mismatched beauts to our rental inventory!

Photo Oct 01, 3 07 48 AM.jpg

In other really great news, for those who seek that fine balance of old & new, we will have another single styled chair option in 2017. Be sure to follow / like all our social media outlets for the latest and greatest announcements!


all of our love,