sourced from the earth

Here at home [with holmespun], we are celebrating Mother Nature by sourcing all things local. Nothing compares to the ability to decide what and how to utilize your own soil, local resources and the food we live off of. While Kevin and I work towards sourcing our nourishment from our own backyard, for now, we are blessed to be surrounded by local farms. Our small town of Honey Brook graces us with “an eggs place”, a cheese, meat, produce and greenhouse place all year round.

Food runs a strong parallel to our business. We believe in the power of supporting local – we find comfort in having a connection to where our money goes. We chose to support honest humans who strive where they are gifted - it feels good to make others feel good and blossom where they are meant to be.

Tonight, we slow roasted a farm fresh chicken (all day long!) from Hartz Natural Food Store. Some say local or organic is too pricey to keep up with and sometimes – it is. For us, making the life change required a slight shift in the thought process: quality vs. quantity and we try to use every food scrap we can. I’ll take our $12 chicken roast and not only get a dinner and a few chicken salad lunches out of it, but I will also simmer the bones with vegetable scraps (peels from onions, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes; the tops of celery, beets; herb and broccoli stems etc) to make bone broth. My lovely midwife, Kate Aseron, published a cookbook that covers the basics of bone broth making along with a slew of other hearty, earthy recipes. You can find the Kindle version here).

(recipes follow)